Take Your Swing and Game to the NEXT LEVEL!Take Your Swing and Game to the NEXT LEVEL!

Which area in life would you like to grow in?

September 8, 2017

Select a specific capacity or area of your life in which you want to grow. Be intentional and remember, it’s really hard to take on too many challenges at the same time.

Assess where you currently stand. Be honest in your self-evaluation. Perhaps even ask trusted friends, colleagues, or advisors who you know will give you a blunt answer.

Ask yourself: what’s the next logical step? A common trap is to take on too much too soon. Don’t fall for it. Remember that small progress in the short-term leads to big progress in the long-term.

Focus on nailing whatever incremental objective you came up with. Once you have, ask yourself what is the next logical step, and then go about nailing that. It’s this sort of upward spiral that you’re after.

If you are in a competitive field, avoid comparing yourself to others.Doing so only leads to insecurity, which either makes you sad or makes you reckless (or sometimes both).

When you do progress through waypoints that come with measureable results, abide by the 48-hour rule: give yourself up to 48 hours to feel happy or sad, but then return to the craft. There’s something magical about doing the work that puts both success and failure in their respective places.

Keep coming back to this mantra: the goal is the path and the path is the goal. Few people are remembered 100 years after they die, and even fewer are remembered 1000 years later. Pursue progress for the inner experience of mastery, not for some type of validation.